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  • Teri Herzog Fine Art Photography
    My name is Teri Herzog. I have been passionately involved in the art of photography since I was a little girl. My first camera was a little Brownie, which my parents bought for me when I was 7, and then around age 10 I graduated to a Kodak Instamatic. It wasn't until I was 18 that I bought my first 35mm "real" camera. It was a Canon, and I loved it. When digitals came out I was in seventh more waiting for my film to be developed...instantly I knew if I had the shot I was looking for. It was so exciting, but it took a few years before Canon came out with a digital that was affordable and could have interchangeable lenses. That is when I was really able to start taking the digital pictures I was craving to take.
    IL Toscano was started in 1985 with the idea that Long Island desperately needed a restaurant with top-level cuisine. Why was Long Island Restaurants so lacking in intensity and flair? What was missing from so many places was the knowledge of preparing exceptional food and a passion to make it happen. Mauro Privilegi knew he could use his skills, which were cultivated at an early age working on the Italian line cruise ships, where he learned that good cooking came from using what was fresh, what was seasonal and what was the best ingredients on hand that day. Once in the United States, Mauro began working at the Hotel Pierre in New York City. The experience and knowledge he gained while working 19 years at this 5 Star Hotel made him yearn for the chance to live the American Dream and open his own restaurant.
  • Sail Priscilla Long Island Maritime Museum
    Priscilla - A Brief History On Saturday, April 7, 1888, Elisha Saxton launched his brand new working sloop Priscilla into the Patchogue River. Saxton had built Priscilla for George Rhinehart of Lawrence, New York, who named the boat after his wife Priscilla. From 1888 to 1963, Priscilla was owned and operated by several oystermen from Connecticut and New York. During these many years, she experienced many changes. The oystermen spoke of "Pris" as a fast, able, "smart" boat and a "money maker" because, unlike other boats, she could dredge as well in light and heavy winds.
    Hercules Heat Treating Corporation has served the United States military and commercial aerospace industry for more than half a century. Our focus is highly-specialized heat treatments, applied to a wide range of diversified airframe parts, landing gear and Space Shuttle parts – utilized by major manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and United Technologies/Sikorsky Aircraft . Hercules proudly guarantees it s outstanding workmanship. We are renown for state-of-the-art precision testing as well as exceptional quality assurance systems.
  • Leon Hertzson Photographic Artist
    For over 65 years, Mr. Hertzson has studied and subsequently taught and mentored in the techniques of achieving the exceptional photographic image. After receiving his first plastic Kodak Brownie in 1943, he was entranced with the "magic" of the photographic process. In high school in the Bronx and later at New York University, he was selected as the school photographer. This was a major benefit since it gave him full time use of a professional darkroom. At age 16 he won his first Kodak award for a fine art print.
  • Salmon Limousine Service
    As a full service ground transportation provider, Salmon Limousine Service can tailor services based on your specific needs. We are a total transportation company offering a wide array of special services and specialty vehicles to meet any of your needs. We are much more than airport transportation!
  • Pat D'Aversa Photo Art
    I am a photographer of nature, especially on Long Island. My favorite captures are flowers. My photography has evolved from simple portraits of these sensual beings to abstract interpretations. My goal is to capture the simplistic beauty of each flower while drawing the viewer in to experience the scent and almost feel the softness of the petals. Wildlife and landscapes are another favorite and by preserving the moment with my camera we can enjoy the scene for years to come. My goal is to compel you to look at my art, process it then go back and look again. The impact of color and composition hopefully will be pleasing to your eye.
  • Movies Filmed On Long Island
    Welcome to my website. If you have an interest in films, especially those filmed on Long Island, you have come to the right place. Each film presented on my site will include a list of the individuals involved in its production, as well as the locations where filmed and, whenever possible, a trailer and some tidbits of information that you might find interesting. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  • Deer Park Pediatrics
    Has been serving the Deer Park community since 1979, the oldest Pediatric practice in the Deer Park area. Both Dr. Merlis and Dr. Purrier are on the active staff at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

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