(Step 1) Discovery Report:

The Discovery report is in-depth study of your website / business / service / product. For existing websites this report includes:-

  • IP Related Details
  • Total No of pages listed on Search Engines
  • Page Rank
  • Checking for Site Ban
  • Time for loading website
  • Ranking with most targeted keywords
  • Web static Analysis
  • Website Traffic Scrutiny

(Step 2) Keyword Analysis:

Before we start the search engine optimization process, we present an SEOKeyword Analysis Report to help you decide the target keywords & market. Search Engine Optimization is all about behavior of keywords and their placement. Utilizing keywords most intelligently andcreating SEO friendly content (SEO copywriting) makes an SEO campaign successful.The report includes:-

  • Keyword Research
  • Differentiate primary and secondary keywords
  • Finding keywords for Potential Markets in various countries
  • Analyze the capacity of keywords that can increase traffic to a website

Keyword Research could also be generated for new websites which could help create SEO friendly content.

(Step 3) PageOptimization:

This is where we start the optimization process. Our SEO team works on the following:

  • H1 H2 Tags optimization
  • Title tags optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Keyword optimization
  • Alt Optimization
  • Website Structure optimization
  • Body text and content optimization
  • Sitemap for Link Optimization
  • W3C validation

(Step 4) Online Optimization:

This is where we begin to interact with search engines using the following steps:

  • Hosting of Google sitemap
  • Website submission to all leading search engines
  • Submission to region specific search engines

(Step 5) Link Building:

In SEO, Link Building is a very efficient and powerful method for producing results.'One-Way' link building isthe mostpopular techniqueemployed inlink building that makes the site easily accessible. 'One-way' link building is a long termstrategy to achieve good link popularity. To get higher rankings, your website needs more inbound links. 'One-way' link building is possible using various methods such as:

  • Submitting websites in business directories andportals related to your business or services
  • Building Links in specific business directories under the category of your business
  • Writing SEO Blogs and submiting themin blog directories
  • Ad banners on popular sites, portals anddirectories
  • Articles submitted and archived onlinewith topic related websites
  • Newsletters submitted and archived online with topic related websites
  • E-books submitted and archived onlinewith topic-related websites
  • Software tools with required links back to thewebsite

For each of these you need to have an active link back to your website. When creating your own original content, always archive your own work on your website to build your content and increase your own link popularity, by growing the number of pages on your website.

(Step 6) Monitoring, Analysis & Consulting:

Finally, this is an ongoing step where we monitor the site on search engines and analyze the long tail searches, and provide consultingin best strategies for achieving targeted traffic and conversion. We provide the following:

  • Monthly traffic reports (weekly reports available on request)
  • Monitor and report website rankings
  • Recommend Long tail search terms
  • Research and integratupdated technologies for better positioning
  • Changing strategy with the ever changing search engine algorithms
  • Consulting and recommendation for better conversions
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