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Our Process

Working with PTH Associates Search Results is an Experience in Excellence. We make your journey onto the web, swift and convenient. Through working on countless projects over the years we have refined our process to ensure that the end product can fulfill your business objectives and meets or exceeds your and the target-audience's expectations.

We follow a process and treat every project under strict software development life cycle guidelines that are industry standard across Leading Technology Firms.

1. Business Analysis -> A member of our experienced Project management group will work with you to gather business requirements for every project, this will help both of us understand what the client needs and how this solution can impact their business positively. For complex projects we can also interact directly with the clients as a part of “your development team” to learn more about your clients company, project requirements and strategic analysis.

2. Design -> Based upon our understanding of the project and the business environment as established in the Discovery phase, we work to precisely lay out the architecture of the site using sitemaps, the navigation and usability of the site using wireframes, and the look and feel of the web site with design comps, making sure that you approve each step of the process.

3. Development -> Once the requirements phase is signed off, we move the project into the hands of our Development team who possess many years of experience across multiple technologies and projects of various sizes. You and the client will have access to our staging server to get live access of the site under development.

4. Testing -> Once the Development is complete; our Project management group works with you to test the application against requirements that were signed off

5. Deployment -> We will ensure seamless deployment with a fully tested application that is now ready to make a difference to the client’s business.

This Process doesn’t do justice to our professional staff that attempt to make the transitions through the various phases as seamless as possible. We provide you with compressive documentation such as Business Requirements, Build Schedules, Release Summaries and User guides, to help you manage your client’s expectations.

* We will work with you on Pre-sales calls where you may need technical assistance.

* We will work with you to train the end client on the solution.

* We are committed to your success and our growth together as a team.

Our Corporate Ethics Dictate : “The Relationship Wins”

In line with our ethics we believe, you deserve top notch service , be it pre-sales or through the project lifecycle. It is our opinion that this level of service is your right as our client, the same way it is the right of your clients. Therefore we choose not to undermine this right with an invoice for “Pre Sales Support”

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